• Men’s -60 kg
  • Men’s -67 kg
  • Men’s -71 kg
  • Men’s -81 kg
  • Men’s -91 kg
  • Women’s -51 kg
  • Women’s -54 kg
  • Women’s -57 kg
  • Women’s -60 kg
  • Women’s -63,5 kg

Asian combat sport

Muaythai will be another combat sport that we will see during the 3rd European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023. 80 athletes will take part in the competition. They will face each other in 5 weight categories – separately for men and women, and the competition, will be followed in Myślenice, a city located 35 km from Krakow. The athletes will be hosted by Myslenice Arena. Muaythai is an extremely spectacular discipline that has gained popularity around the world.

Muaythai, or Thai boxing, has its origins in Asia. Several countries claim to be the birthplace of the sport, but there is no doubt that Thailand has made the greatest contribution to the development of Muaythai. It became the national sport and it’s the most popular there.

Centuries ago, a revolution took place in this discipline. Currently, Muaythai is a combat sport fought in the ring, and only while standing up. This means that a lying fighter cannot be attacked.

The formula of the fight is full contact only, where the strikes are delivered with full force. Hence the high injury rate, but also the effectiveness of this sport.

Muaythai has been popular in Poland since the 1990s. More and more centres and clubs decided to teach this fighting technique. During the European Games, many fans will have the opportunity to admire the best fighters from the whole Europe.


First – dance

To prevent injury, protective equipment is used in Muaythai, both to weaken the strikes by hand, elbow or leg, and to protect the body. That is why helmets for the head, torso and crotch protectors are used. Knee, elbow and fist strikes, as well as kicks, are scored.

The fight can be won on points, by three counts, and also by knockout or by withdrawal from the fight, inability to defend or disqualification. The fight may end in a draw or without any decision. Fights usually last 5 rounds of 3 minutes, with a minute break between rounds.

According to tradition, before the fight, the competitor must perform the “wai khru” dance. Before and after the match, fighters have to shake hands.

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